If desired, our expertise can be applied practically in combination with our products. These products are in many cases customized. This means that the concentrates can be made suitable for each situation. There is also a great deal of flexibility to cater for changes in your animals’ needs or the raw materials.

Composition of your feeds. In addition, Swinkels Nutrition can deliver raw materials such as amino acids, dairy and acids.


Porker concentrates:
the most common concentrates for porkers supply the necessary vitamins and minerals and supplement the protein level of the feeds to the desired amino acid levels.

Piglet concentrates:
just as for porkers, the piglet concentrates supply vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In addition, for piglets it is possible to enrich these concentrates with high-quality proteins, dairy and acids so that they do not have to be added separately.

Sow concentrates:
sow concentrates also supply vitamins and minerals. Due to varying needs, a different concentrate is produced for each stage of the cycle.

prestarter is delivered for supplementary feeding of suckling pigs.

Amino acids:
we can also deliver amino acids as a single product, for companies that want to reduce the mixing percentage.

Dairy concentrates:
a dairy concentrate can be added separately for suckling pig and piglet feeds.

various acids are included in our range. These can also be delivered mixed. They can be used to improve animal health or to preserve feed and waste flows.

All the products in the Swinkels Nutrition range are delivered with GMP certification by which food safety and quality is ensured.


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