Home mixers

Home mixers

The in-house purchasing of raw materials and home-mixing of pig feed is a method which is being increasingly employed. This allows considerable savings on feed costs. Furthermore, the great impact on feed quality leads to improved results in many cases. Being able to maintain quality is one of the big advantages to home-mixing of pig feeds.

We can deliver premixes/concentrated feeds to pig farmers that home-mix. These products have already proved themselves in many companies, in combination with good feed advice. We have ample experience in home-mixing for sows, piglets and porkers.

Swinkels Nutrition can play a role for home-mixing pig farmers by delivering concentrated feeds. In which case the products are always customized and thereby made suitable for each specific situation. In addition, we can offer guidance in total pig diet. This comprises, for example:

• Results assessment
• Ration optimization
• Purchasing guidance
• Raw materials quality assessment
• Feed particle size


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